As a single income home I never thought we would be able to afford tutoring. We went to many places that charged $55 or more and they weren’t even BC Certified teachers. 5C Learning Centre is giving my kids the opportunity to excel in school just like everyone else. 5C tutors don’t just instruct, they teach! My kids love going there and I can see the increase in confidence since they have started. My husband and I are so happy that our kids have somewhere to go to get the best help with whatever they need.

-Grade 5/8 Mom

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5C Learning Centre is awesome! I don’t feel stressed about school anymore, I take all my stuff there and they help with everything. I like that the teachers are always smiling, happy and ready to help me with all my subjects.

-Grade 4 Student

The best thing about 5C Learning Centre is the tutors. They never make me feel dumb or stupid. They have taught me that if I don’t get something that it is okay to ask and if I still don’t get it to ask again. 5C tutors explain things until you understand…they never give up, they just find different ways of explaining.

-Grade 10 Student

Mature mother hugging with her teen daughter outdoor in nature on sunny day

There is now peace in my home. Thanks to 5C Learning Centre we don’t fight and argue about homework anymore. My teenaged daughter and husband can finally sit in the same room without tension. My daughter is happy because she understands her homework and loves the teachers. My husband is happy because my daughter is doing well in school, and I am happy because I can hear myself think again. Thanks 5C!

-Grade 9 Mom

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I like going to 5C Learning Centre because it’s fun and I get my homework done. I can take anything there and the 5C tutors know how to make me understand and my teacher at school is happy because my homework is done and my test marks are better. I really like that they have everything I need like computers, wifi and stuff to finish projects. It’s a chill place.

-Grade 6 Student


Both of our daughters attend 5C Learning and we like the fact that the classes are small and the teachers are friendly and committed to seeing our children succeed in life and in school. They are always willing to help and are very flexible to meet our needs. The teachers take the time to get to know our kids and they look forward to attending every week. Roy and Esme have done an amazing job in finding the right teachers and have created a family like environment. We give 5C Learning an A+ and highly recommend them.

-Parents of Grade 7 and Grade 2  students