Why 5C?

We are here to help

5C tutors are dynamic BC Certified educators who love to teach! They are dedicated to making students smile while relieving the tension of homework and tests. We are located in Richmond BC, but have students from all areas of the Lower Mainland.

5C Tutors Are

✔ BC CERTIFIED TEACHERS – members of the BCCT and BCTF
✔ ENTHUSIASTIC – always energetic and happy to see students
✔ DEDICATED – to building relationships with students
✔ KNOWLEDGEABLE – current on BC curriculum and pedagogy
✔ DEVOTED – to growing professionally
✔ EXPERIENCED – real teachers who teach in classrooms
✔ PROFESSIONALS – screened with criminal record checks

BC Certified Teachers are the best tutors

✔ WE use multiple teaching strategies
✔ WE understand multiple intelligences and how to teach to them
✔ WE understand and implement the new BC curriculum
✔ WE know how to build confidence & self-esteem
✔ WE have access to a wealth of resources
✔ WE use assessment for, of and as learning
✔ WE are specialists in the education field
✔ WE care about your kids!