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Who Needs Tutoring?

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Spring break is over and it’s back to reality for students. It’s amazing how quickly two weeks goes by without the thought of school. Many parents find themselves seeking after school tutors after the break to help students finish off the school year on top. There is a common preconception that students who struggle are the only ones who get tutoring. The reality is that tutoring is for many types of learners. Below is a list of different types of students who can benefit from tutoring.

Unmotivated learner/High achiever

Not all students who struggle in school lack motivation. There are many high achieving students who go through phases of being unmotivated. This may be because the content is too easy, they aren’t interested or they can’t identify with the subject matter. This can easily take a student who thrives in school to become unmotivated. A tutor can design a program to challenge the student to increase their motivation and succeed in school.
The other side of the unmotivated learner is one who doesn’t understand the subject matter and can’t complete their work. Quite often, these students procrastinate completing homework and assignments and won’t participate during classroom discussions. A tutor can provide homework support to this type of student, helping them gain the confidence and understanding they need.

Struggling with Reading and Writing

One of the most common reasons parents seek out tutoring. Even if the student appears to be reading and writing at their grade level, struggles can still become an issue later. It is important that the student has a strong basis for reading comprehension and writing. Struggling with either of these can affect every subject at school as the content is generally not fully understood. A tutor can work on phonics, spelling, reading aloud and methods of comprehension. This can start as early as Kindergarten to increase confidence.

Basic subject struggles

This is the student who just finds school hard and overwhelming. Many students in this category have anxiety at school and don’t want to talk about it. They may be working hard but not doing well. This is often because they don’t understand the content that is being taught. Not every student learns the same. A tutor can design a program and explain things in a different way to help the student fully understand what is being taught. Some students are visual learners, while others are more verbal learners.

Whether you need tutoring services for elementary students or tutoring for high school students, Five C Learning Centre in Richmond has you covered. All of our tutors are BC Certified Teachers. Contact us today!

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