Tips on How to Keep Your Children’s Minds Active During the Summer Holidays

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Tips on How to Keep Your Children’s Minds Active During the Summer Holidays


The school year is coming to an end and children are eagerly waiting for summer break. It’s a great time for children to relax, re-energize and enjoy their time away from school. Although relaxing is important, minds needs to be exercised. Children can lose up to two months of learning during summer and the effects can be felt when school starts. With a little bit of effort and planning, learning can be made to feel like playtime. Our team of 5C tutors have put together some great activities to keep your child learning without even knowing it.

Become a junior travel agent

If you plan on taking a trip this summer, get your child to help. They can research tourist attractions, costs on these attractions and how long it takes to get there. Math, reading, writing….so much learning is happening and your child won’t even know it.

Summer journal

Write about what you’ve done each day. This is a great way for children to work on their writing skills while also reflecting on their day. It doesn’t have be a long entry; some days are more exciting than others. It’s a great way to keep working on writing.

Create a scrapbook of your adventures

A family vacation is a perfect way to create a scrapbook. Collect postcards, brochures and ticket stubs from any tourist attractions. Along with creating a summer journal, encourage your child to write a short description under each scrapbook page.


Summer reading should be fun reading! Read anything and everything that is interesting. Most kids are easily swayed to read by a trip to a bookstore to buy a new book. Many libraries have book programs in place for the summer to keep kids motivated and interested. Older children can start a book club with friends.

Make cool things

Make a samurai sword, paper planes, spaceships….. all from inexpensive or recycled materials. This keeps them focused on a task while still learning.

Invent a recipe

Have your child get together with friends and come up with a recipe for a drink or a snack. They can experiment with different ingredients and share it with others. Your child can even write out the recipe for extra writing practice.

Board Games

Get the entire family involved! Board games are always educational without children knowing it. Come up with some fun prizes that can be awarded to the winner(s).

Turn technology off, get outside and explore your own backyard. Enjoy your summer!

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