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Multitasking in Students

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Multitasking isn’t new. What is new is the endless amounts of entertainment and information they are receiving. Social media is at an all time high and the driving force behind distracted students. 

As many as 60% of students watch tv or use social media while doing their homework. Many of these students don’t seem to think that this is a problem or a distraction. The information they are studying isn’t getting absorbed as well as it should and makes learning a challenge. Here are some tips to make studying easier and avoid common distractions.

Cell Phones– We live in a world where everyone seems to have a cell phone. Put the phone in another room or turn it off when your child is studying or receiving tutoring services. They will be surprised how much more they can accomplish without the distraction of their phone.

TV-Turn it off. Background noise can be just as distracting. Your child isn’t full engaged in what they’re trying to accomplish with the tv on.

Computer-Even if your child has to work on the computer for an assignment, block any opportunities for online chatting or gaming.

Set study times-Everyone has busy lives and extra curricular activities are at an all time high. Set aside a time each day for homework and to study. 

Take breaks-As adults, we need breaks from work. We can’t expect our children to sit for hours without taking a break. Get a snack, walk around. Food is just as important in fuelling our brains.

Make learning fun-If it’s a fight everyday to get your child to their homework, it may be time to consider getting some outside help. Our Tutors in Richmond can be beneficial in getting your child the confidence they need to succeed.

If your child needs extra help with homework support or studying for exams, 5C Learning can help. We are a group of BC certified teachers who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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