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August 3, 2016
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How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Tutoring?

How do you know if your child needs tutoring?

A lot of parents ask ‘How do you know if your child needs tutoring?’ There is a myth that your child only needs tutoring if he/she is struggling at school.  This is normally when parents become concerned and seek out extra help. Many children who are exceeding in school can still benefit from tutoring services to give them customized programs, access to other resources and boost their learning.



How do you know if your child needs tutoring?

  1. Grades are dropping.
  2. Homework becomes difficult
  3. Hard time concentrating. This generally happens when your child doesn’t understand what is being taught at school.
  4. Fear of going to school
  5. Wanting to give up
  6. Teacher may recommend a tutor for your child
  7. Child is bored at school and needs to be challenged



How can tutoring benefit your child?

  1. Improves grades
  2. Gain confidence and improve their attitude towards school
  3. Provide more one-one attention
  4. It provides more time for practice
  5. Allows your child to work at their own pace. Children who are exceeding in school can take on more work that their school may not give them
  6. Review skills that haven’t been mastered yet
  7. Helps your child learn new study tips
  8. Encourages a higher level of thinking
  9. Reduces competition amongst peers


At 5C Learning, we have 18 experienced BC Certified teacher tutors to help your child excel in school. All of our tutors work in the classroom and are current with the constant changing school curriculum. We are dedicated tutors and want to provide your children with the best education.  Children from K-12 can get the help and support they need in a fun and positive environment.


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