Homework and Stress, is it Time for an After School Tutor?

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Homework and Stress, is it Time for an After School Tutor?

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Not long ago, it was enough to send children to school clean, well fed and clothed. Teachers resented parents who asked too many questions.

Nowadays, parents and children are both getting stressed over homework. It is not just a child’s responsibility, it becomes the responsibility of the parent. For most children in primary grades, homework is limited to reading and writing. For those in grade 4 and over, homework increases quite quickly and can become overwhelming. This can create a strain between the parent and child. Children shouldn’t be spending hours on homework. Getting out and playing with friends after school develops communication skills and ensures they are fresh for school the next day.

Should parents help with homework?

It is a natural reaction to want to help your child complete their homework; it’s hard to see them struggle. Parents should refrain from completing their homework and rather assist with it. Praise and encourage your child to boost their confidence.  If you find your child getting distracted quickly, set aside a time each day that is going to be for homework. Make sure all technology is turned off. If your child is struggling and it’s becoming a daily battle to get homework done, it may be time to consider getting an after school tutor. Tutors can be a great asset to your family and reduce the friction between you and your child.

Increased pressure

Children have more pressure than ever before. Most families are scheduled with many after school activities limiting the amount of time they can spend on homework. There are so many more expectations put on our children. We want them to be the best they can be.  Spending too much time struggling on homework isn’t good for their health. It makes them nervous, anxious and lacking confidence. Sometimes we find them just shutting down. Scheduling a tutor once or twice per week can alleviate some of this stress. Children can work with a tutor on issues they are struggling with at school.  Learning is meant to be fun

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