Learn How 5C Learning Came Together...

5C Learning Inc. was founded as a tutoring centre to fill a void in the East Richmond community. The 5 Road and Cambie Road area (known as 5C), is where Roy Kanda grew up, attended school and came back to learn how to teach. He has deep roots in the East Richmond community and is dedicated to providing all children with an equal opportunity to an elite educational experience.

His vision is that students from all socio-economic backgrounds have the chance to be successful while being mentored and taught by a tutoring centre in richmond, after school learningBC Certified teacher. The teacher-student connection is vital to learning success and that is why every educator at 5C is exceptional. Roy and his team of teachers are committed to ensuring that every child who attends 5C Learning Centre is provided with a superior supplemental education.

Today, 5C Learning has a student body from all over Richmond, Vancouver and Surrey in B.C. We treat all our students like our own children and do everything possible to ensure that they are successful and confident learners.

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