Grade 8-12 Tutoring Programs

Our Grade 8-12 tutoring programs are designed to help students gain a solid grasp of concepts being taught in high school. We work with parents and students to collectively have a specific goal and work towards achievement. Students are encouraged to bring all questions and difficulties to a 5C tutor so that we can further build skills and confidence.

Our BC Certified tutors are also able to develop individualized math, reading, writing and study skill plans. 5C can help students with homework and to prepare for school examinations, SSAT tests, LPI exams and university entrance applications. 5C tutors are able to tailor and create tutoring programs needed for your high school child.

Math Tutoring

Learning basic math skills builds a solid foundation for harder concepts taught in school…

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English Tutoring

Our tutors work with students on spelling, grammar proper sentence structure and use of punctuation and capitals…

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Science Tutoring

Students at 5C learn important concepts and content vocabulary in all areas of life, earth and physical sciences…

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French Tutoring

French programs offer tutoring for French Immersion and students who are new to French…

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