Educational Activities for Kids over Spring Break

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February 9, 2016
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Educational Activities for Kids over Spring Break

It’s almost Spring Break!  For many, this means being homebound with your children.   Are you looking for some fun activities to do that are still educational? At 5C, we continue to encourage children to read and write over Spring Break, but also realize that everyone needs a break. Our team of 5C tutors have put together some great activities to keep your child learning without even knowing it.


Journalist: Have your child interview a friend, sibling, parent(s), grandparent(s)…anyone who wants to be involved. Have them compile a list of questions and GO! Answer as many questions as they ask. Have fun with it. You can even video your interview and watch it together as a family.


Create an art exhibit: Get a group of friends together for an afternoon of art.  Have each child show off their completed art. Maybe even add some snacks to enhance the ‘art’ experience.


Board Games: Always educational without even knowing it. Get the entire family involved. Come up with some fun prizes that can be awarded to the winner(s).


Science World/Vancouver Aquarium: A highlight for many! It features hundreds of interactive exhibits. Take this opportunity to ask your child to write about their experience.


Explore your backyard: There are so many places right in our backyard that we never explore. Take this time to head outside, have your child(ren) find pinecones, leaves, rocks  or anything exciting and create an art project.


Create a Garden: Children in younger grades love digging in the dirt.  Take this time and plant some flowers or veggies and watch them grow. Your child(ren) can watch the garden grow knowing they have contributed.


Movie Critic: Probably the most favorite activity of all. Watch a movie you can all decide on and then discuss it after. Grab some snacks and make an evening of it. It’s always interesting to see how each family member interprets the movie.
And remember to get outside and have fun!

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