Back to School – How to Kickstart Your School Year

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September 7, 2017
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Back to School – How to Kickstart Your School Year

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Summer goes by so quickly and gone are the days of no schedules and free time. By mid-September, students have settled into their classes and started to receive homework and assignments. Below is a list of ways to get through the first month and set your student up for success.


Get back to a bedtime schedule

This is probably the hardest thing to do after summer. It is so important for students to get enough rest. There have been many studies done about sleep and school success. Start by going to bed a few minutes every night and within a couple of weeks, schedules should be back on track.


Talk about the school day

For many of our students, discussing the day is the last thing they want to do. This is a great way to find out details about what has been learnt and any challenges that are happening at school.  


It’s not all about technology

Especially during the first month, watching TV and playing video games is at an all time high. We are all tired. We want to zone out. The main concern with this is that it distracts from homework and staying on task. Allot a time when technology is approved, after homework is done.


Communicating with teachers

Sometimes we get the first report card and realize there is a problem. Instead of waiting, take a few minutes to check in with the teacher to see how your student is doing. If there are any concerns, address them now.


Bringing homework home

Forgetting homework and misplacing assignments is a definitely sign of a struggling student. students don’t always know to communicate they are struggling until it’s too late. To avoid this, monitor homework and get extra support if needed.



Some students bring homework home each day but then don’t do it. Leaving homework to the last minute or not doing it is a sign of poor organization. Establishing routines, having regular communication with the teacher and getting extra support ensures greater success at school.


About 5C Learning Inc.

We are a group of BC Certified teachers committed to student success through after school tutoring services. We believe in building personal connections, getting to know our students and helping them achieve their personal and academic goals. We do this through tutoring and nurturing our students in a fun, safe and family-like environment; 5C students enjoy coming for support.


Students at 5C gain confidence, develop strong work habits and a love for learning. Our tutoring programs focus on the BC curriculum and support what students are learning in school. We help students understand and complete homework while preparing for tests. 5C teachers understand the stresses that students and families face on a daily basis with schoolwork and are here to help. 5C teachers are classroom teachers with real experience.


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